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College of Medicine

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respects the value of life and breathes life into humanity

The College of Medicine was established in 1987 to foster the human resources who will contribute to the development of the country and the community and establish a quality health care system as a core organization to train the medical personnel in Chungbuk area.

The education of the college aims to acquire medical thinking skills and qualifications based on basic medical knowledge , to develop primary health care skills to contribute to the community health care, to have sense of values that respects life and loves human beings, to develop communication skills on the basis of mutual understanding and respect and to foster medical professionals who creatively respond to the medical and social environment by continuous learning and research and open up a new future.

Since 2009, the Department of Pre-medical Science has been transferred from the College of Natural Sciences to the College of Medicine with the result that efficient medical college education has been made possible. The Department of Nursing Science was newly established in 2012 and it has been fostering professional nurses who will play a leading role in various fields of nursing and health care with their excellent nursing skills and teamwork spirit and service spirit.

Currently, the College of Medicine has a certificate of medical education and a nursing education certification and is implementing more systematic, accredited medical and nursing education.