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Convergence department

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prepares for the future through the convergence of different studies.

In modern times, a variety of disciplines complement each other and work together to create a synergy effect, which phenomenon is called the convergence of learning. The convergence of NBIC (Nano, Bbio, Informaion Technology and Cognitive Science) in the US and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics) education are some of the examples ; the systematic research and education about these will be an essential element to prepare for the society to come.

The Convergence Department is a group of departments designed to pursue and educate the convergence among various disciplines and, currently, we have a variety of major fields of study, such as fine arts and design. Based on this, the department is providing a venue for education and convergence technology which makes another new field of study by combining a traditional knowledge in an existing field and a new knowledge in another field and is attempting to expand to another field.