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Graduate School of Industry

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Graduate School of Industry

Fostering highly qualified engineers with the character of a leader and creativity

The inductrial graduate school was established in 1989 in response to the social demand for fostering the engineers at industrial sites as professional engineers. The graduate school consists of construction engineering, process engineering, production engineering and electrical-computation engineering, and the classess are given at night.

The most important task is to educate on-site engineers and foster them to become professional engineers at the master’s level, and we have been providing a venue of creative progress for the community engineers and researchers who are engaged in various engineering fields by teaching engineering studies and practical engineering skills.

The graduate school would be a good opportunity for those who would like to imrove their expertise in the relevant field while working in an industry or a research institute. About 150 faculty members competent in their respective engineering field are in charge of education, supervising graduation theses and providing opportunities for students to participate in developmental research programs during the coursework. Currently, we are also conducting a project to train experts with international knowledge through the global construction engineering high-quality human resources training project supported by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport.