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Graduate School of Legal Affairs

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Graduate School of Legal Affairs

Fostering high-quality human resources who can contribute to the development of the society and the country

The combination of legal theory and its working knowledge has a very significant meaning in the operation of the country and the society based on the rule of law. In particular, accompanied by the rapid development of the civilization of science and technology, new legal fields are created and thus new legal problems that would have been unthinkable in the past are endlessly happening due to the complexity and diversification of legal relations.

Also, as internalization becomes radical, securing the international competitiveness of the workers in national and pubic organizations, social organizations and enterprises is emerging as a national task. Therefore, it is the most imporant thing to be equipped with legal capacity for actively responding to new legal order as the economy, society, science and technology change in modern society.

The graduate school of legal affairs received approval for its establishment in November 1996 and has been operating to foster the workers in the community, public organizations and private companies so that they can actively respond to the demands of the times when things are changing rapidly as mentioned above.

The graduate school offers various specialized major fields such as Science and Technology Act, our university’s specialized field of law, under the purpose of fostering professional personnel and under the framework of a large major in public law and private law.

We give our students an opportunity to acquire and deepen the organic connection between theory and practice through diverse types of classes in which our excellent faculty members and students with their accumulated working experience participate and, especially, we greatly contribute to the academic self-realization of the workers in the local public offices by improving their legal skills and degree acquisition.