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Law School

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Law School

The cultivation of legal professionals with a variety of expertise and a sound sense of ethics

Law school was established to accomplish the purpose of the law school system of fostering legal professionals through education and under the aim of promoting the balanced development of the country by fostering local talents. In law school, the focus of education is on teaching the application methods on legal theory and cases and the sound character as a legal professional.

The shool aims to foster creative legal professionals who have both expertise and character. In other words, in a competitive society that is increasingly intense, its specific goals are to foster legal professionals who can relect the characteristics and legal demands of the community and specialized legal professionals in science and technology. Since its opening, the law school has produced a numbe of lawyers in public institutions, such as courts, prosecutors, law firms and police and has been playing a leading rold in the local legal market.

We will contintue to do our role and responsibilities as the law school of a hub national university by providing character education that contributes to the country and the human society, by providing expertise and professional ethics education to solve conflicts properly and do justice, and by practicing education that can provide high-quality legal services to the legal demands of the community.